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  • This was our third LLYMIC, but this year we came as part of the service team. We were blessed to be a part of the team delivering these amazing chocolate bars and the other goodies each night.

    What fun my husband and I had racing down the hallways laughing and hanging the gift bags on the doorknobs. It was like being one of Santa's elves! What a FUN way to be the hands and feet of Jesus! We'd have couples stop us periodically and ask what we were leaving the next night. We'd have to tell them it was even a surprise to us, but they wouldn't be disappointed.

    We were blessed to reconnect with a couple we met during year two's cruise. We were blessed by the shear number of couples that went from weary to refreshed after just a couple days onboard. Yes, as part of the welcoming team, we saw just about everyone come up the gangplank. What a joy it was to see smiles and peaceful countenances spread like wildfire! This included the ship's crew members. I could write a short book about the conversations I had with several crew members who weren't married who were still blessed by the LLYMIC. To God be the glory for giving that crew a vacation they won't soon forget!

    A funny note about these chocolate bars:

    The single (not married) members of Nicole C. Mullens' band were sharing cabins. I spoke with one of the gentlemen during our afternoon in the waters at Grand Turks. After asking him what he was enjoying and would take back to share with his girlfriend, he told me that his roommate had eaten both chocolate bars, and were still trying to decide what to do with the oil and lotion. I told him to use the oil/lotion on their feet. I told him what our nightly job was, and said I'd see about getting him some more chocolate. Sshhh...yeah, that was special treatment, but I figured they deserved for having to watch all these married couples love on each other! ;)

    Later that evening, I delivered my husband and my unopened bars to their cabin. We were planning to eat them later, but since I couldn't find the extra box of bars I gave ours away. I'll never forget the smile on his roommate's face when I told him they could SHARE these too, but to make sure they ALL got a piece. I told him if they wanted more then they needed to bring their WIVES back next year! One member is engaged, and the gentleman I spoke with was planning on "popping the question" soon.

    God loves to give us good gifts, so hopefully I'll see them next year onboard having to give up the BIG piece of chocolate to their wives!

    Laurie - Maumelle, AR
  • We not only enjoyed the one-on-one time spent together, but it was also great making some new friendships. We've been on this cruise twice and other cruises twice as well. One thing we love about this cruise is being surrounded by so many fellow believers in Christ.
    Cayley - Pennsylvania
  • This was an awesome way to honor our 30 years of marriage. Truly blessed by the experience. Nice to meet Christian couples from all over the country and see how big the Lord's army is.
    Scott Costie - Detroit, Michigan
  • My husband really enjoyed eating & sleeping. No thought off responsibilties. I just wish it was longer so i could have enjoyed more of it.
    Veronica - Mantua, Ohio
  • We not only enjoyed reconnecting with each other as a couple, but we got to know 4 other couples really well through our dining experiences. Answering the question each evening at dinner provided insight, as well as humor, as we all learned that "our mate is not our enemy".
    The Reeves - Fort Campbell, KY
  • My wife and I had a fabulous time together as a couple and we met the nicest and most genuine couples on the cruise in 2013 and we signed up on board for next year. We grew closer to GOD as a couple we also felt renewed in our marriage and look forward to next year .
    Michael and Vanessa ( crockette) Martinez - Florida
  • The LLYM Cruise exceeded our expectations in everyway. When I booked the cruises I trusted it would be a great way to reconnect and enjoy our time away from kids. Well not only did that happen, the way it happened is what blew me away. The atmosphere of the boat was great, but the atmosphere that God created between us, through the worship, friends we met, teaching and rest we received was amazing. The LLYM staff not only made the environement fun, they also made it simple and safe for two imperfect people to talk about an imperfect marriage and allow God to do His refining work in us.
    Brian & Tammi - Montana
  • This was our very first cruise. I will say it was an awesome experience!! Spending the much needed time together and enjoying the wonderful scenery!! The concerts, the sessions with the speakers and everything else, it was amazing!! We are already counting down the days till the 2015 cruise!
    Bobby & Candi Hopp - Alma, Arkansas
  • We didn't tell our story at first.... but now we are proud too- we had been married only a about a year. We were struggling in a bad way, the thought of divorce was certainly in our minds. Out of fear I booked this cruise, knowing that it gave some time before we lost each other. The pure excitement of planning this cruise started to help. We both began to pray constantly for each other, we got out of our world and started looking at the other side. By the time we got on the flight, we were so in love and finally for what I think was the first time for us. We spent each hour together-had more laughs more smiles more fun than we ever dreamed. We knew our marriage was going to make it! This cruise in 2011 saved our marriage. We have returned for 2 more LLYMI - we enjoy every second of our week to regroup & focus on us! God knew what he was doing when I heard about this on KLOVE !
    Sandy & Larry Wood - Hobbs NM
  • It was a wonderful experience to be on a boat filled with other couples who were seeking to put Godly marriages first. We met lovely people, heard powerful teachings, shared romantic moments and renewed our vows for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2013. A Blessing!!
    Valarie and Joe Greco - Staten Island, New York
  • The cruise brought together time away to relax, marvel at God's creation, eat delicious food prepared by someone else, and learn such valuable lessons from God's word and God's people which is continuing to help our marriage. Thank you Family Life Today for allowing this opportunity. We would love to go again and we want to someday be able to send our young married children. Especially in these days, we all need to sink into God's word, His design for our marriages, and be able to provide a blessed place to raise families for generations.
    Anne-Marie - Maryland