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  • In 2011, me and Mike were separated!! Came across this web page with the Love Like You Mean It Cruise information!!! We decided to try one last time in making our marriage work!!! We packed up And gave it all we had!!! We have been every year since!!!! Each year we walk away better!!! This cruise has changed our marriage!!! I am proud to say me and Mike McCammond will be married 15 years in May!!! Not easy but thanks to the tools we have learned on this cruise, We know we will make it another 15 years!!!! I love u Mike!!!!!
    Katrina McCammond - Pelican Louisiana
  • This was our first cruise. We so much fun so we are going again in Feb 2015! This cruise to Grand Turk really changed our marriage so much that we are stronger. God has really made a big difference since we have been home. I would advise anyone who struggles like we have to go on this cruise it will impact your marriage in a good way!!!
    Lisa Holliday - Louisburg, NC
  • We celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary with the folks that were our mentors throughout our marriage. Without the Weekend to Remember Get-aways we would not have made it through our thirty years of military deployments, raising children far away from the majority of family and the trials of life in general. Because of the dedication of the Rainey's and the rest of the staff at Family Life Ministries , we have matured in the Lord, learned how to communicate and laugh - well, sometimes after the tears;) - and came to understand that our differences as a man and woman were normal. I truly appreciate the way that your ministry approaches the differences of husband/wife with such a great sense of humour. My husband and I truly appreciate the great role models that we have seen and experienced by attending the various seminars over the years. God bless the Rainey's and all those that serve the Lord at this ministry.
    Vern and Pamela Tubbs - GA
  • We went on the cruise to Grand Turk this past February. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. And litho ugh our relationship is strong and we didn't feel that we had any "problems" per say, it was so nice to be able to get away together. Our relationship was lacking in together time. Kids, jobs, and every day life. It gave us an opportunity to reconnect. We met several other wonderful couples. The entertainment, and speakers were amazing. It was just a good time. So much so, we rebooked for next years cruise, and plan on making it an annual marriage refresher. Everyone should take advantage of this!
    Roy & LaVena Spain - Missoula MT
  • This was our first and definitely not last cruise. We had so much fun. Dennis, Bob, Gary deal,, Alex K. Everything was so nice. Hope we can come next year if God provides and he will
    Brad and Amy - Greenwood sc
  • We really enjoyed being away from life -kids, jobs, ministry, etc., and just spending time together and with other like-minded couples. To have the opportunity to go to God- centered meetings that enrich your marriage was a blessing. The fellowship with other couples was the icing on the cake. We are counting down the days until next year.
    John & Robin - Somerville, MA
  • We loved it. it was a wonderful cruise. The teaching was excellent, the concerts wonderful and meeting other Christian couples was a delight. we already registered for next year and are looking forward to going.
    Steve & Jennie Wymore - Portland, OR
  • What an awesome time of refreshing my wife and myself had on "Love Like You Mean it Cruise." Everything was great and the teachings and concerts they had were life changing. The people we got to fellowship were awesome. I thank God for this event, it truly help my marriage to take it to the next level of Gods covenant of what a marriage should be.
    Manuel Yanez - Harlingen , Texas
  • We met Laura Story and her family and friends on the ship. She and her group were across the hall from us. She was was one of the sweetest people that we have met. I met Bone Hampton on Grand Turk island.
    Terrie and Mike Connell - on the ship during autograph session
  • God has great things in his word about your marriage.

    This was our 2nd year this year. Your marriage needs this no matter where you are in your marriage. We are married 19 years in June. We didn't have anything going on one way or the other, but after the first cruise we enjoy each other again. Over the years you misplace your fun gene, Go find it!! We are even dating again.
    Mrs. Peterson :) - Flint Mi.
  • My wife had dreamed of going on a cruise since grade school when she first watched "The Love Boat" on TV. To be honest, after serving in the Navy I had no desire to ever get on a ship again. The Love Like You Mean It Cruise totally changed my perspective. We have been married for 27 years, have four daughters, three grandkids and 2 more grandkids on the way. Our youngest daughter had just left the nest so I wanted to surprise my wife with a special vacation for just the two of us. That's when I heard about the 2014 Love Like You Mean It Cruise on Family Life Radio.
    The cruise exceeded my wife's and my expectations. Uplifting speakers and entertainers, outstanding food and accommodations, meeting other like minded couples were all part of what made this such a great time, but most of all it was the uninterrupted time we had to spend together for each other. Don't get me wrong, I love my children and my grandkids... but it had been a long time since my wife and I done something together alone.
    Needless to say I was the first one to suggest before the cruise was over that we had to reserve a spot on the 2015 cruise.
    Pat & Gayla Deisher - Indiana
  • Amazing, powerful way to spend time making our marriage a priority. We celebrated our 10 year Anniversary on the cruise. Ballroom dancing under the stars, snorkeling in incredible turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Learning the tools to make our marriage better with Alex Kendrick and Gary Chapman. Worshiping together with thousands of fellow believers to the music of Building 429, Nicole C. Mullen, amazing. The time spend together was irreplaceable, I can not imagine a better way to have fun and build up your marriage in a better way.
    Dave and Nancy Carow - Appleton, WI