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  • The 2016 "Love Like You Mean It" Marriage Cruise was our first ever cruise, and it was an awesome experience! For us, the main takeaway was the opportunity to unplug and slow down for a week, and concentrate on our marriage. Life had become so fast and busy; in 2015 I worked almost 800 hours overtime. This cruise was a perfect opportunity to reconnect. Additionally, the teachings were very grounded and appropriate, and the music was worshipful and uplifting. Also, this is a very safe cruise, without all the distractions and nonsense of a secular cruise. We signed up for the 2017 LLYMI Marriage Cruise while onboard, and the Prize Patrol caught up with us at dinner and surprised us with a hundred dollars! Thank you, Family Life!
    Emerson & Ruth Anne Champion - Beautiful Downtown Pasadena, Maryland
  • 2015 was our second LLYMI Cruise and once again our expectations were exceeded. Each day was filled with great uplifting entertainment, speakers and great like-minded people to share the cruise with. We loved our time both on and off the ship. The cruise's theme is "Relax, Renew, Romance, Remember." and we truly did. We've already made reservations to do it again in 2016. We look at this cruise as maintenance and upkeep for our marriage just like we ensure maintenance and upkeep of our vehicles and our residence. This cruise is well worth the investment for the benefit of your relationship with God, your marriage, your children, your family, your friends, your church, and your community.
    D. Patrick & Gayla K. Deisher - Odon, Indiana
  • This was the first time ever cruising and for it to be on the LLYMI cruise made it extra special. Thank God for our friends Anthone & Marissa Wallace, who were on the cruise last year, and could not stop talking about what a wonderful time they had and encouraged us to go!! We can now join in the many voices that are singing the praises of this much needed cruise. The messages shared by the speakers were inspiring and challenging, encouraging and convicting. As a result, we have been challenged to recommit ourselves and our marriage to the One, Who instituted marriage. We pray that the example we set as a result of our commitment, will paint a true picture of the love of Christ and His bride, the Church and they would be drawn into a relationship with Him. Thank you Family Life and to God be the glory!!
    Anita K - Nassau, The Bahamas
  • This was our second LLYM cruise and I really enjoyed Ann Wilson and the War Room movie premeir, I plan on implementing one in my house somewhere. Our time in Key West was short, but I loved the peacefulness of Key West.Ann Wilson testimony gave me a lot of ah ha moments.We did not make the vowel renewal again,but we felt renewed and relaxed,as a couple you need that time together even if just to catch up and talk about the future plans for your family.I thank God for the couple (Sheppard's) that invited us on the 2014 cruise. With Gods continued blessing we will attend each year as our couples getaway.
    Wilber & Edna Jackson - Anerdeen, Md
  • This is the second year my wife and I have been on this cruise. When we were first married, we didn't take a "real" vacation for the first 15 years of our marriage. We used to say that we couldn't afford it, with having four children and bills and other things fighting for our time and money. What we have learned after 24 years of marriage is that we can't afford NOT to do this. We were young when we got married, I was 19 and she was 17 and we never really received any strong counsel on how to navigate this thing called marriage. The Love Like You Mean It Cruise is the event that I wish we had when we were young. From the inspiring speakers to the God-filled worship that we have experienced this trip is everything we could ever ask for. We already booked for next year and plan to make this an annual trip. Our marriage is too important to handle lightly and the ministry at Family Life Today makes sure that they give us the tools necessary to live this life together. When I look at what we spend our finances on, this is best investment we could have ever made! Thank you Family Life Today for loving us and our marriage enough to give us this option!
    Bryan Lovern - Granite Falls, North Carolina
  • We didn't know what to expect last year on our very first cruise. It was so wonderful that we had to come back this year and we brought some friend's with us. We are already booked for next year and my parents will be coming with us this time!! I enjoy the quality time with my spouse!! Each cruise we have meet some wonderful people and cant wait to see them again next year. The main sessions, speakers, singers are great!!!! Who couldnt enjoy the endless amounts of food and ice cream. The best part is being out in the middle of the ocean with no phone service!! We got to enjoy each others company without any distractions!! Wish we didnt have to get off the ship today! Hurry up Febuary 2016 we are ready to set sail again!!
    Robert & Candi Hopp - Alma Arkansas
  • Words cannot express the beauty God has created across the deepest oceans during our cruise. The feeling of oneness with other believers - just like it will be in heaven- was amazing!
    Johnny and Sherry Buiskool - Kalamazoo, MI
  • We were celebrating our 10 year Anniversary in 2011 and we never had a honeymoon! Our original plan was to go on the K-Love cruise and they were sold out...then the operator suggested LLYMi cruise, with a special of buy one get one FREE!!! God made a way for us! We had an amazing time, made new friends, and praised God every step of the way!
    Araceli and Andrew Maldonado - Tracy, Ca
  • My husband and I went in 2012 because we were pretty desperate for some help!! Needless to say we made a 180 on the cruise and came home so pumped up and ready for the future together. It was hands down the BEST thing we have ever done for our marriage. We went again in 2013 and were once again so blessed by the amazing speakers and artists. It is worth every penny. We missed this year but booked today for next year!! Can't wait.
    Lynsey - North Dakota
  • We joined the Love Like You Mean it family, in 2012 and came back again in 2014. We are planning on going again next year. It's like having marriage insurance! :-) Such a tremendous experience and completely life-giving!
    Mark & Diane - Glenburn, ME
  • The trip of a lifetime! What an amazing experience of spending 4 wonderful days together, just my husband and I ! This was our very first marriage cruise and we couldn't have been happier! The first day on board we sat down and circled all the events we wanted to attend because we didn't one to miss one thing! Not only did we have an awesome experience it gave us so much
    un-interrupted time because with 5 children that rarely happens! We were able to be just husband and wife for those 4 days. It definitely re-newed our love for each other and for God! Mission Accomplished!!! We will be going again!
    Autumne Willner - Franklin, IL
  • We celebrated our tenth anniversary by taking part in the 2014 Love Like You Mean It Cruise! Words cannot fully express how wonderful and romantic the experience was for us. We have both been through divorce previously and have been through some ups and downs in our marriage but the commitment to the marriage covenant is what has kept us together. The statistics for divorce in first marriages are horrible at about 50% -- the statistics for divorce in second marriages are even worse, but God has helped us defy the statistics and kept us together. Opportunities like the Love Like You Mean It Cruise and programs like Family Life Today make a difference. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions each day on the cruise with phenomenal speakers! Ron Deal's 4 Pillars of Stepparent Success was especially good for us. The concerts we attended and comedy and "Moms' Night Out" Movie Premiere were all so much a blessing and entertaining! The dining was exceptionally good. Grand Turk Island was beautiful. We will not wait another ten years to do this again!
    Carol Rasmussen - Montana