Interview with our Reservation Team

The experts on all things Love-Like-You-Mean-It-Cruise are undoubtedly our Reservation Team. They are a fun and crazy group as you can see! Recently our Director of Innovative events, Tim Bell, sat down with Bobbi and Jenifer from the team. To give you an insider’s look at what fuels our annual adventure, here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Tim: It is not unusual for LLYMI to attract first time cruisers. Why is it appealing to them?

Jenifer: Many people have heard stories about cruising that have made them leery or nervous about

Ten Travel Resolutions for 2017

This is it. This is the year your travel dreams become a reality. New Year’s resolutions might fade, but adventure lasts a lifetime. Start your 2017 journey with travel resolutions that are fun to stick to.

Stop putting it off

In life, we have to make time for what’s important. Did you know Americans wasted 658 million vacation days last year? Take advantage of your time off! Pick the destination. Book the tickets. Dreams aren’t meant