Sneak Preview: a special advance showing of something – usually a motion picture – before it is released for general audiences to view.

On the Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise®, we LOVE sneak previews! That is one of the things that has us so excited about our 2018 cruise…we have TWO sneak previews for our guests to enjoy.

But we can’t tell you what they are…

Okay, okay, we will spill the beans!

The first sneak preview is based on the only Christian song to be certified two times platinum – MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine. The movie has the same title, and is the inspiring and unknown true story behind MercyMe’s song. The song and movie bring ultimate hope and a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness.

We confess, we had a sneak preview of the sneak preview…you’re going to love I Can Only Imagine!

Our second sneak preview is homegrown. Yep, FamilyLife®, in preparation for a new parenting resource coming out next spring, has created a feature length film. The film is titled, Like Arrows, and was produced with the help of our friends Alex and Steven Kendrick.

Like Arrows explores the joys and heartaches of parenting through a story that unfolds over 50 years.  When rebellion creeps into Charlie and Alice’s family, they realize their approach to raising children isn’t working, and start searching for answers. Will they discover the power of family and their need for God before it is too late?

We think you will enjoy both of these previews and get excited about encouraging others to see them when they come out in theaters later in the spring. We will be showing each movie twice so everyone has a chance to see them. Once our schedule is released in January, you can plan on the showing you want to attend.

You may also get the chance to learn about some of the behind the scenes work on these films and meet those who created them.

Get the popcorn ready… 

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