Finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. How do you bundle something thoughtful, useful, and affordable all into a box tied neatly with a bow? Luckily, finding the perfect gift for cruisers is much simpler – or at least it will be with this gift guide designed for the sea seeker in your life.

A Scratch-off Map

Cruising is a great way to travel because you get to see a lot of destinations in one trip. That’s why cruisers often get to see so much of the world! Consider a scratch-off poster map, or pins for a wall map, so that your cruiser can show off all the ground they’ve covered… literally!

A Romantic Cruise Vacation

We know, this one is obvious, but how could we leave a getaway off the list! Cruisers on our own Love Like You Mean It Cruise have described the experience as “Life changing and worth every dollar you spend.” Experiences are almost always better than possessions – they last a lifetime.

Loveable Luggage

Packing tends to be most traveler’s least favorite task. A suitcase with better organization helps make the folding and fitting less stressful and keeps necessities at easier access in the cruise cabin. A great carry-on can also make a big difference in the road trip or flight to port. Try for something durable, and of course, that hints at a warmer weather destination.

Travel In Comfort Kit

While your loved one is bundled up in the winter weather, build them a travel bundle! Build a box or basket that will make their trip the coziest yet. A neck pillow, an eye mask, and headphones top the list for finding peace on the path to somewhere new – but don’t be afraid to add the personal touches that you know bring your cruiser the most comfort, like a book by a favorite author, a gift card to their go-to airport café, or a special note for them to open along the way.

Magnetic Hooks

You wouldn’t know it from how cozy cruise cabins are, but the walls are made of metal. That essentially makes them a blank canvas for all things magnetic. One of the most practical uses are magnetic hooks. They make it possible to hang up a hat, purse, robe, etc. for extra storage and to make quarters feel more like home.

Tailored Travel Guide

Do you know your cruiser’s next destinations? Planning ahead for ports of call is a great way to get the most out of each stop along the way, and reading up is a good place to start. If you’re taking the trip together, consider printing your own personalized guide to customize for your shared interests and your trip itinerary. It’ll help you spend the vacation countdown getting more and more excited each day, and will leave you better prepared for the big adventure.

Whatever you decide this holiday season, remember that ultimately, it’s the thought that counts. We’re wishing you, and your cruise-loving loved one a very merry, adventurous, and faith-filled Christmas!

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