Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it serves as a great reminder to stop and appreciate what we have. And while it’s best to count our blessings each and every day, some experiences can be life-changing, but too rare to get daily dues. We think cruising falls into that category. After a week of adventure, romance, and awe-inspiring views, it’s almost as though you just had ten vacations, two dozen massages, and a year’s worth of feel good therapy all at once. The bliss of post-cruise renewal wraps around the heart and soul in such a lasting way, we want to shout it from the bow. Here we go…

#1: One-on-one Time

Time alone with your spouse is hard to find among the chores, the kid’s homework, and your own workday. Even when you do schedule in time to reconnect, it’s often hard to disconnect when there’s a mini computer in your pocket, or there’s a mile long to-do list to tackle in the morning. Cruising is unique in that you leave all your worries ashore – and don’t have to take on the logistics of traveling in their place. The quality time spent rediscovering your spouse at sea is one of the greatest gifts you can give one another, and one of the best things you can do for your marriage.

#2: Endless Entertainment

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the convenience of having inspirational and talented all-stars just up the stairs from your slippers. And performing with the backdrop of the sun setting over the ocean. If you haven’t heard your favorite artist’s voice echo between the peaks of the waves and the wisps in the clouds, have you even really heard them at all? Sailing is a great way to experience the best speakers and musicians – usually even including a meet and greet.

#3: Unique Adventures

They say travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and it’s all thanks to the experiences along the way. Expanding your horizons is so simple on a cruise, because you get to experience so many different countries and cultures at port. At each stop along the way, there is an endless list of opportunities to try something new and create a moment you’ll never forget. Swim with the dolphins. Scuba dive. Explore the shore by way of horseback riding. Hike among the waterfalls. Whatever adventure awaits, you’ll be grateful you soaked it in!

#4: Breathtaking Views

We’ll let the pixels make our point on this one.

#5: Room Service

Delicious treats delivered to your cabin door might sound small, but as they say it’s the little things that count. Room service is one of the most frequently cited reasons our cruisers miss being on board. On our Carnival Cruise ship, you can even get milk and cookies delivered at bedtime… for free. We’re thankful for each and every meal, but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t taste just a little bit sweeter on the high seas.


We’re thankful to be able to put together an adventure packed with romance, relaxation, and rediscovery. We’re even more thankful for all of the Love Like You Mean It Cruisers who join us on the journey, sharing their faith and open hearts. We hope you find something to feel grateful for on your next adventure, and in your ordinary day – every day!

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