Janice Gaines already has Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell, Donnie McClurkin, Natalie Grant and Donald Lawrence co-signing her skills. That says quite a lot. But even without these mega-talents in her corner, Gaines is guaranteed to hook you from the very first listen.

Gifted with an effervescent soprano that soars into the rafters and an ear for soul-baring lyrics, Gaines is Motown Gospel’s next-generation game changer. Her refreshing yet fearless artistry—a daring fusion of mainstream and inspiration —reverberates with jubilant determination.

“Just because you love Jesus, you don’t have to put yourself in a box,” declares the former seventh grade math teacher who’s also a fan of top 40 radio, urban AC and love songs. “It’s not the easiest life to be a Christian in today’s culture, but I’ve found different ways to deliver life-changing messages through an urban pop sound and lyrics that explain my heart. Is it a risk? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, I can only truly be me.”

 “The best thing I have to feed people,” says Gaines, “is what has fed me the most: what God has said to me through the Bible and personal experience. My goal is simply to make music that will have you feeling good from the start. Then you’re hooked.”